So you think all those honies you've been looking at in the magazines really look all that schnazzy? Think again. This is for all the women out there who've looked at the images their men (or sons) stare at for hours with a short rebuttal consisting of "looks airbrushed." Turns out our women have been smarter than we were all the while (as if they didn't know this already).

I'll spare you the details, especially in the case of the fact that you might be eating. Don't worry, I'm fine, this involves no sort of accident but rather a severely discomforting situation, some blood, some humility, and the mention of the term "scalpel." So I was freaking a little about it and G was right there with me. Cracking jokes, from time to time, the ones that you know everyone wants to crack but only someone who really loves youcould not only get away with saying, but damn near be complimented for the perfect-a-mundo timing and contextual humility requisite to get the humor. That, a smile that could disarm a viking searching for the last chicken wing, and you've got an obvious in-love moment for the grandkids to hear about. Yep, I knew she loved me that one night when she was in the hospital because I freaked out at the sight of a little... I mean, I would've done it for her too, aside from the jokes. And that's another thing - don't ever, especially when you're bilogically predisposed to not only misunderstand but just find the topic of amusingly uncomfortable medical experiences a little less-than-important-enough-to-get-bent-out-of-shape-about (a.k.a. being a man) - joke about someone's amusignly uncomfortable medical experiences. They will come back to bite you in the ass, I can promise you that.

I mean damn, dude. I knew they were rock-solid but the show couldn't have ever been predicted as being so good. It does seem a new trend that opening bands are performing their asses of, but this show was opened by the Secret Machines. I had heard of their abilities, of how good their sound is, but I had no idea. SM blew it out pretty much, and as raw performances go I'd say they did a slightly better job than KOL on stage. But KOL were amazing in that raw, southern-rock, "we'll blow your eardrums outta your head" kind of fashion. If you get a chance, do check this tour out.

I was chatting with an old friend online today and it made me think about how cool the guy is. I tend not to rant about how much I dig my colleagues and friends, but I have to now - I got it stuck in my head and now I just gotta get it off of my chest. Scott Cate is the main reason for my career success while I was in residing in Phoenix, AZ. He taught me a great deal about my own talent as a programmer and reminded me - through his own enthusiasm and vision for how things could be improved upon - of how much fun this industry can be. During my professional engagement with Scott, I witnessed him motivate hundreds of people - through his humor, his willingness to remind those around him of their merits, and most importantly - in reminding them how rewarding the act of perpetuating a community can truly be. Scott was not only focused on improving the developer community in Phoenix, but as a lifelong resident of the city, he has contributed hundreds of hours to making people feel better about their own talents. Likewise, Scott has this innate ability to make you remember that you figured out a better way, so that must mean that there's an even better wayright around the corner, and that you're only going to find the really sugary moments after a lot of thought, practice, and patience. Those kinds of people - the ones who motivate you to be better out of the sheer possibillity that you could be better- are the types of people that make evolution happen. Heck, he's a great drinking partner too. Plus, the guy's got a stroke of unpredictability that an obsessive compulsive would envy; just to make sure I made it in time for a Radiohead concert my best friend had purchased tickets to, Scott helped me drive home - from Phoenix to Atlanta.That's no joke. Scott, I'm glad you're my dawg.

Its super to see that the SI guys are definitely hooking up the Panthers in the upcoming season picks. So far we look awesome and appear to be having a good deal better luck than last season. I'm maintaining a great amount of hope that the picks are right this time.