a beginning and an end

everything that goes up must come down. blah blah. so now i'm married. it was perfect. of course, there was some stress, there was a whole lot to do. a whole lot of people to talk to, and all sorts of things to run around and busy ourselves with throughout the weekend. rehearsal, the dinner, then the big day. awesome. all perfect. for those of you who aren't married - you men, rather - the best moment of your life up to the point in question is when you see your new bride in her dress for the first time. that's just an amazing feeling that i couldn't possibly - or won't, for reasons i'll go into in a moment - describe. lovely, gorgeous, perfect, she was. she walked down that aisle, looking at me the whole time as the preacher promised me she would. a perfectly gorgeous woman who created for me a perfectly gorgeous moment. and who will, for the rest of my life, create a perfectly gorgeous, harmonious partnership. then the honeymoon in st lucia. words can't describe that one. i'm working on getting some pictures of the resort and of the island up on my flickr page (where you can see some amazing pictures of my bride ). a short version of the week-long honeymoon story contains mentions of snorkeling, a comical english couple 20 years our senior, mountain-climbing, fort ruins, "no pressure no problem," drifting through the pool all day, 4x4'ing through a rainforest, a delictably terrifying ride in a van through the sketchier parts of st lucia, a few hundred games of pool, piton beer, "sierra," a pool at the edge of the room, a hobie cat, and a few thousand other memories. -- and the ending? well, this is it. this site is of today, done. i'll leave it to justin hall's outlook on the world of blogging, who made one point very clear. if you dump your heart and your life on the internet for all the world to read, what in your life is sacred, private, and truly intimate? answer - very little. i'm tired of that way. i have a life that i've been reminded is awesome. don't misinterpret - my wedding wasn't the cause of the demise of this site. it was, rather, the catalyst. i've poured a lot into this site over the years, in hopes that some of you would get the point, would learn about me, and so on. the truth is, i'm tired of the blogging way. i'm tired of "taking pictures" instead of "enjoying the vacation." now, my life is chocked full of intimacy (please get your mind out of the gutter for that, k?) now. it has been, and you may have noticed a downturn in my writing frequency. there's a reason for that. i've put down the pen and picked up the life again. and no, this isn't an "end" to my online existence. just tatochip. an old friend once noted to me that "tatochip" wasn't the same person as "brady gaster." in fact, she claimed that tatochip seemed to be something short of an alter ego. 7 years later, i see what she meant by that. that alter-ego has no more purpose these days. i've learned that i can't change the dirty pool-playing. i can't teach old dogs new tricks. and for that matter, i've learned that i like cats better anyway. in the end, there's no real reason to continue with this alter-ego, so this, my friends, will be the last post of this site. i've got a new domain name now that makes a little more sense semantically speaking (bradygaster.com for the personal stuff, bradygaster.net for the programming stuff, thanks to my family, who's suggested for years that i should split my work life from my personal life). for now, i bid you all farewell. thanks for keeping up with what became a pretty annoying habit for the past 5 years. its time to get back to meatspace, where the roses have a scent, the brides have voices and smell nice, and the world isn't filtered by firewalls.

Brady Gaster
Hi! I'm a christian dad who lives near Seattle, where I work with the talented folks at Microsoft to create compelling demonstrations for conferences that instruct and inspire developers who want to party in the cloud.