americans flock to canada('s immigration site)

not too bad an idea if you're really, really unhappy with the current state of your own country. of course, the idea of moving to canada seems all well and good right now, but let's see what happens when those very same people see the tax rates. the thing is, americans aren't accustomed to paying for what they want these days. we're so eager to take and so reluctant to earn. it's the whole "take a pill instead of drinking your orange juice (to get your vitamin c)" paradigm. we want it, but we don't think we should have to do anything to get it. and keep remembering, despite what mtv says, that 1 out of every 10 young americans put down the bong and went to the polls. they scream and yell for change but when the line's too long and they'll end up missing their favorite game show, the same whiners roll right back into their living rooms for more of the same.

Brady Gaster
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