amusingly uncomfortable medical experiences

I'll spare you the details, especially in the case of the fact that you might be eating. Don't worry, I'm fine, this involves no sort of accident but rather a severely discomforting situation, some blood, some humility, and the mention of the term "scalpel." So I was freaking a little about it and G was right there with me. Cracking jokes, from time to time, the ones that you know everyone wants to crack but only someone who really loves you could not only get away with saying, but damn near be complimented for the perfect-a-mundo timing and contextual humility requisite to get the humor. That, a smile that could disarm a viking searching for the last chicken wing, and you've got an obvious in-love moment for the grandkids to hear about. Yep, I knew she loved me that one night when she was in the hospital because I freaked out at the sight of a little...

I mean, I would've done it for her too, aside from the jokes. And that's another thing - don't ever, especially when you're bilogically predisposed to not only misunderstand but just find the topic of amusingly uncomfortable medical experiences a little less-than-important-enough-to-get-bent-out-of-shape-about (a.k.a. being a man ) - joke about someone's amusignly uncomfortable medical experiences. They will come back to bite you in the ass, I can promise you that.

Brady Gaster
Hi! I'm a christian dad who lives near Seattle, where I work with the talented folks at Microsoft to create compelling demonstrations for conferences that instruct and inspire developers who want to party in the cloud.