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what's the frequency?

wow. this article at harpers attempts to explain the ever-so-puzzling mystery of dan rather's beating and the statement "what's the frequency, kenneth?" . part essay, part commentary on the character that is dan rather, part mystery solution, this is a must-read. took me about 10 minutes and i'm a seriously slow reader. well worth it.


so i've been discussing the notion of this interesting style of music that i've been into for the past few years with people who know about it. the most popular artist of this genre would arguably have to be the band tortoise, to whom i've been listening since college. for some reason i missed them in concert each time they've been near me, but that's a series of other stories. i've called tortoise and other bands of this genre (some of whom are on the constellation label, which I find to be an excellent resource along with the group mogwai ) "minimalist," "experimental," and most recently, "lo-fi." somehow none of these terms really fit the sound, which reminds me to a degree of one of the best bands to date - my bloody valentine. this weekend i heard a new definition of the sound, which is usually defined by - well - layer upon layer of guitar-focused textures that meld together in a sort of peaceful wall of sound. that new definition is pretty-well defined and explained on this page . if anyone has any other links, bands, or information related to post-rock, please let me know. i'm hooked on it. i find myself humming new stuff all the time that's reminiscent of this style, and when i have my guitar-in-hand, i end up playing stuff like it, too. post-rock. yeah, i like the sound of that. it kind of gives me a simple, minimalistic, white-page-with-black-text feeling whenever i hear it.

apparently some other folks agree

apparently some other folks agree with me on this property rights thing.

Kings of Leon in Asheville

I mean damn, dude. I knew they were rock-solid but the show couldn't have ever been predicted as being so good. It does seem a new trend that opening bands are performing their asses of, but this show was opened by the Secret Machines . I had heard of their abilities, of how good their sound is, but I had no idea. SM blew it out pretty much, and as raw performances go I'd say they did a slightly better job than KOL on stage. But KOL were amazing in that raw, southern-rock, "we'll blow your eardrums outta your head" kind of fashion. If you get a chance, do check this tour out.

upcoming show

i don't talk too much about music on my site. if i did, chances are i wouldn't have time to get much else done aside from talking about music. i listen to it, hear about it from gina, who hears about it from her brother, play it, read about it, read what others are saying about it, and on and on. anyway, this weekend we're going to go see a band i've recently gotten into called the the Kings of Leon . If you don't know about them yet, check them out whatever you do. If you think you've heard them, you might be right, because they're becoming popular quickly (maybe a result of doing the cute VW commercial soundtrack with the young indie couple hopping up and down in their new house, which they bought for fear of murderous neighbors). I have no complaints whatsoever about the group and can't even describe how excited I am about the show, which we'll be seeing in lovely Asheville, NC (close to where we got hitched, and across the street from where our after-party was hosted). Something about the way the lead singer sings their relatively interesting lyrics snatched me when I first heard them. Maybe its in the way the guy mumbles (I mumble most of the time so I dig it when I hear other people mumbling, especially when they're famous). Anyway, its what's playing now, so listen to it.

Mogwai - with an attitude

I'm stoked to be seeing one of my favorite groups soon, but this article discusses a pretty blatant attitude problem via my boys. Pretty funny, actually, but damn, how many groups can you slam in one interview?

Pictures from the Stones Concert

We attended the opening concert for the Charlotte Bobcats arena last night. What can I say, man, its the Stones. They were awesome! Checking out my flickr rollingstones set.

The Artist

I'm watching Saturday Night Live right now. Its the 14th time Steve Martin has hosted - a pretty nice record. He's great and all, but Prince is the musical artist. I've always dug that guy, but tonight's first performance was a remnder not only of Prince's flamboyance and innate stage presence, but of his amazing music ability. Especially, that is, if you're looking at him with a guitarist's perspective. I think I heard once that Prince had been voted best guitarist of some-odd year or something. If he wasn't, the first performance - "Like a Woman Scorned," or something to that extent (seemed new) - should warrant such an award. I seriously thought his Strat was going to bust into flames... Purple flames.

Ipod Synchronicity

The word synchronicity was the original reason (or interest-spawn) for my major in Psychology. That's important to understand the big deal of this post. I've basically just proven there to be a connection between the human being and a technological device. In this case, my Ipod (named Schroeder after my favorite peanuts character, who also plays music). I'm sitting at work, listening to my Ipod. I usually activate Shuffle mode while at work, so that I don't have to keep switching manually. This track comes on that I don't recognize, but that reminds me somewhat of the lovely band Portishead, one of my college favorites. Well, the track wasn't by them, but rather some other artist. The song was one of the new ones I recently copied onto Schroeder, so I just sat, worked, and listened. Then, the track ended. The next track? Portishead's "Cowboys." See? We do have a connection to the world around us. Even when that connection is made to something as synthetic as an Ipod. Update: Not withstanding the "stream of consciousness" style I tend to implement here, I felt it cautionary to mention that I'm not being too serious about this. I mean, I do have a connection with my Ipod, but damn.

What is VST, exactly?

Thanks to WikiPedia, I finally have a relatively comprehensive answer to this question. Take a look for yourself if you're into that whole home recording thing. [via downloadsquad ] Oh yeah, speaking of home recording, here's a few ditties of my stuff for you to take a listen to. Praying in Vegas Curiously Strong

You're kidding - the Dixie Chicks?

Like, I've never been a huge fan of the Dixie Chicks aside from their flippant disregard for Bushiness, but I have to tell you, this here press release makes me pretty excited. Rick Rubin? Whoa. That guy is like, my idol and what-not. If for no other reason than that I just might have to purchase this album. Whoa. Me. Buying country?

Current Playlist- Wolf Mother

This afternoon, while at a music store in Asheville looking for another one of the cutest items I've ever received, I discovered a new band called Wolfmother . The guy who worked at the store asked G and I if we were Led Zel fans. When we replied with the typical "of course," he turned this on. We agreed the obvious influence. Very good rock-influenced low-end guitars with a lot of crunch that's complimented quite well by a vocalist who sounds as though he were created by a combination of Ozzy and Robert Plant's DNA. That's not a bad thing, now, don't get me wrong. Truth is, my head's definitely turned toward these guys at the moment. Worth a look, for sure.

Silversun Pickups on YouTube

I'm up a little late tonight. I'm watching Letterman. Why? Because the band I've found myself totally addicted to recently - the Silversun Pickups - are playing his show. Check them out for yourself on this YouTube video .

Ashlee and Robert?

I was more than a little shocked to read this article regarding the potential pairing-up of Ashlee Simpson and Robert Smith . Forgive the music snobbery of yours truly, but this is most assuredly a sign of the coming apocalypse, is it not?

Musicovery - interactive webRadio

Musicovery is a must-check-out music tool. You can pick out music according to your current mood. Some excellent tunes on here. I wonder if the library will grow over time or if the choices are relatively static. I'll keep investigating.

Prepare to be punk?d- Sex Pistols to reunite

I would damn near go to London just to see the pistols reunite . Hmm. Zep or Pistols? Zep or Pistols? Decisions, decisions...