- High court OKs personal property seizures

According to this article on CNN it is now conceivaly viable that your city government could come along and tear down your house to allow for the creation of shopping mall. There's something awfully frightening about this article. No more than a mile from our home some groundwork was completed for a soon-to-be-built shopping mall. I think a Macy's was coming to town or something, who knows. Anyway, they cut field of all its trees, cleared it out, and built a huge fence right around the outside (I guess to protect passers-by who might have otherwise wandered off into a workzone). The lot directly behind the lot cut for the mall - as in, 3 or 4 feet from the fence itself - is a million-dollar home. A huge mansion is next to it, a few more, and then you reach a golf course. The one where the Wachovia cup is held each year, no less. After the huge lot was cut someone made a clerical error of some sort somewhere and the mall people decided not to come in. So there's this huge field of red dirt surrounded by an institutional-looking orange fence smack dab in the middle of one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the city. What if the mall people decided that they'd like to re-up on the original deal, only this time make the mall larger than was originally planned based on research performed on the profitability of the area? What if some deals uptown, and even more in Raleigh (NC's state capitol)? Well, under this new motion, the city could allow seizure and destruction of that lot next door which hosts the million-dollar home. And the next one, and the next. And goodness knows it would never get to this, but maybe even the golf course? I mean - that's prime real estate if you think about it.

Brady Gaster
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