Developers Guild AOP and PostSharp Presentation

Last night I presented PostSharp and AOP at the Charlotte Enterprise Developer's Guild . I had a great  time and the audience seemed to enjoy the topic.

I've put the code samples and presentation deck in my public Dropbox so feel free to download it and should you have any feedback it is welcome. In fact, I've set up a SurveyMonkey survey for the participants, so if you have a moment and you attended the presentation I'd appreciate you taking 1-2 minutes and completing the survey. Every little bit of feedback helps me improve these sessions, so anything you can provide would be helpful. Below you'll find links to the code and the evaluation, as well as links to some of the resources I mentioned in the presentation. 

  1. Session Examples and Slide Deck
  2. Session Evaluation Survey
  3. Matthew Groves' excellent SOLID series
  4. Wikipedia page on SOLID
  5. The INotifyPropertyChanged documentation article I failed to find during the session


Thanks for attending the session if you were there, thanks to the Guild organizers, and thanks to my boss Dan who let me remote into my laptop from his when the mini DVI jack failed for a second time (at least now we think we know what it is, though). 

Brady Gaster
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