Gallery Server Pro and Azure Web Sites

The Azure Web Sites team has added another web application to the growing list of options available for pre-configured web sites and applications you can use to get your site up and running in minutes. Today’s addition is Gallery Server Pro, a web-based tool for managing your image or video library. This post will walk you through the process of getting Gallery Server Pro running in Azure Web Sites, so if you have a huge collection of images you’d like to post online, you won’t want to miss this post.

The Gallery

Azure Web Sites makes it easy to get started with a new web site, and you can’t beat the price and the ability to upgrade your horsepower whenever you need (or to downgrade whenever you don’t need it). The web application gallery in the Azure portal adds the sugary sweet ability to get up and running with a completely-built and pre-configured application in seconds. In most cases you won’t even need to write a line of code. Think of all those hours of your life you’ve spent configuring a CMS or blogging tool to get it working on your server – the gallery provides point-and-click creation and deployment of many of these types of tools.

Below, for instance, you can see how easy it is for me to start building a brand new blog using Gallery Server Pro in Azure. Just click the New button at the bottom of the portal, then select the From Gallery option, and select Gallery Server Pro from the list of applications available.

Once you select Gallery Server Pro and click the Next button, you’ll be asked to give the site a name and to provide the username and password for the administrative user.

Once the application is selected, a new site will be provisioned using the Gallery Server Pro application code. Within a minute, the application is created and your new online gallery will be ready for images.

Using Gallery Server Pro

As far as web gallery applications are concerned, Gallery Server Pro is a breeze to use. The screen shot below shows the application running on Azure Web Sites. The menu system makes the process of creating and editing galleries a snap. Below, you’ll see an empty gallery in the application’s administration console.

In under 5 minutes, I was able to create a brand new online image gallery, into which I uploaded a few sample pictures. Note, I’d never used Gallery Server Pro prior to this, and it was super-simple to get up and running. I didn’t even need to read the help file for the application, the process was so lightweight and easy to use.

Whether you're just posting pictures of your family or you’re an aspiring artist or designer who wants to publish their photos and artwork online for people to see, Gallery Server Pro is a great choice. Their web site offers documentation and an extensive user guide and administration reference, and the product promises to continue adding new features and functionality. With Azure Web Sites now as the easiest hosting option around for creating these types of sites and with deployment never being as easy as it is using the web sites application gallery, now is a good time to try out Gallery Server Pro for your online gallery needs.

Start Simple. Scale Up as Needed

If you haven’t tried Azure yet, you can get started right now, for free, and stay free for a year if all you really need is a gallery site. In 5 minutes you’ll have your own online gallery up and running, without writing a single line of code or performing any complex configuration tasks. When you pair the ease of setup and deployment Azure Web Sites and the application gallery provide with the simplicity Gallery Server Pro provide, you can’t go wrong.

Brady Gaster
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