Tonight I gave a presentation on Netduino to the TriNUG user group. They were a great group of people and I discovered that one of the meeting’s organizers took a class from me when I taught in Phoenix! It was pretty awesome to see him and to remember the week’s class; after that class Scott Cate and I drove a car through the desert to Oceanside California. Just goes to show your community stays with you even as you move worlds away, and like minds find one another and all that. Dan drove us, so thanks to him for the drive and the continued education on how things work with the electrical and mechanical stuff and for helping out.

There was a 5-minute period when, between the lights on stage as bright as the sun and an LED pin not behaving in a manner I’d expected, I think I let them see me sweat (that’s sarcasm). Quickly things were resolved with a green LED (smacks forehead) and a half a bottle of water. I’m sure one lucky member of the audience is home playing with the new Netduino he won, direct from Secret Labs, whom I thank profusely for allowing my beggary to turn into profit for our lucky attendee!

The zip file is here containing the download of code and the PPT . Enjoy!

PS – If you were in attendance and would like to submit a review, please do so using the comments feature below. Thanks!

Brady Gaster
Hi! I'm a christian dad who lives near Seattle, where I work with the talented folks at Microsoft to create compelling demonstrations for conferences that instruct and inspire developers who want to party in the cloud.