Blogging Update

So... I've been a little quiet lately on this blog. If you look on Twitter, I've been pretty active and I've been posting a lot of blogs on the Azure blog, a few on the Visual Studio blog. I'm out there, so out there in fact that I've literally been ignoring my own blog, but I'm picking it back up as I have some new things going on, new work tasks I can't wait to share with you, and tons... well... more.

First things first - something happened to my site configuration a few months back and I stopped getting comment email. I've switched to using the fabulous commenting features made possible by Disqus. I discovered how handy Disqus could be for keeping tabs on readers via the Azure blog site. No more Web.config or SMTP server to deal with sounded good to me, as does all the other handy features Disqus offers like social auth, notifications, and so on. So, Disqus is will be moving forward. I'll get comment-related email so I'll be far more apt to respond now.

Sit tight and I'll have some new toys for you to play with momentarily. Promise. Release date? Soon, like every other time you ask. :)