Mads created MiniBlog, and I liked it quite a bit. You can't argue with the very idea of MiniBlog, to keep blogging and your web server as simple as possible. I'm kinda into Windows Azure these days, so I had some ideas on  how to make MiniBlog run better on Windows Azure. So this is the first step - becoming a user of MiniBlog to learn more about the project and to contribute to it.

I've been a huge fan, advocate, and support of Orchard for years. Orchard's a fantastic blogging tool, and my switching is no indication of my lack of love for Orchard. Orchard, to me, is one of those amazing CMS systems that you can make do anything. I chose to use it as a blog, and to be honest it may've been overkill in a few places over the years but I stuck with it because I really enjoy using Orchard. The truth is, I think MiniBlog is neat and I'm teammates with Mads so we decided we'd tinker and see what we could make it do. The first place to start is to dogfood it, so that's where this post comes in.

Welcome to the MiniBlog era on bradygaster.com.


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I'm searching for a new blogging engine and came across this post. At the moment I'm thinking of using Ghost or MiniBlog. Since I also need to migrate from Orchard, I was wondering how you have done so.
Have you created some kind of fork from the MiniBlogFormatter (https://github.com/madskristensen/MiniBlogFormatter), or did you do something else to make this work?

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