Swan-diving Back into the Market

As of this afternoon I am officially on the market. I'd gone in a different direction with my career than I think I maybe should have and - in retrospect - feel this might steer things back on the course I should've been on the whole time. My schtick is browser-based application development, the middleware that drives that type of application, and whenever possible the act of educating people in the teensy shreds of knowledge I've gained over the years in knowing how to do such arts on their own. I hadn't been doing many of those things in my last position.

Despite taking the most gigantic technical leaps of my career in recent years, thanks to some amazing colleagues who reminded me of the never-ending directions one can go in using the .NET Framework, I never felt like I was doing the thing I got into this industry to do - connect people using the web . I thank my ex-co-workers for their knowledge-sharing and their instruction in so many areas, and wish them the best. I have nothing but hope for their efforts and organization. Likewise, I have nothing but faith that I've been put back into the fray for a reason, and that said reason will present itself in short order if I say a few prayers, direct myself, and keep my chin up. 

Now I'm off to find the next challenge, and hope that it comes knocking relatively quickly because this is a mildly discomforing first for me...

Brady Gaster
Hi! I'm a christian dad who lives near Seattle, where I work with the talented folks at Microsoft to create compelling demonstrations for conferences that instruct and inspire developers who want to party in the cloud.