vslive review/thoughts

well, i'm flying home today from the vslive conference, where i was able to learn a little - not a lot, mind you - about some new ms technologies. i also got to meet my boss for the first time (we have a virtual team across the country so we don't readily get to meet one another or work together in "meetspace"). in general, the conference was pretty good. some amazing demos were given like:

  • a guy strapped to an EKG and heart monitor that sent signals via SOAP to a tablet pc client in real-time, demonstrating some of the new attributes we'll get when indigo comes out
  • a nice demo of team system demonstrating what we used to hear about as whitehorse
  • some interesting demonstrations of the sql 2005 technologies
  • mouth-watering c# version 2 samples demonstrated by richard hale shaw, who i think may have been the best presenter at the conference (and a pretty good musician to boot)
  • a horrible, somewhat offensive speech and critique by an oracle guy
with the exception of the oracle dude, who went as far as to slam sql 2k5 (which if you think about it is pretty stupid - he must have felt like a piece of steak in front of a pack of hungry dogs standing up there stuttering along) the conference was just what i expected. it was chocked full of great information, incredible samples, and so on and so forth. i was definitely stoked to be there, and to see some old buddies, make some new friends, and so on. on the personal side, san francisco was awesome as always. we took in the super bowl on sunday (and i lost $20 to my boss because TO failed to score the first touchdown). we took in the UNC/Duke game last night (thank goodness i wasn't at home for that, g's a duke fan and i'm true blue - i was born on the UNC campus). i saw my old roommate jason, who now consults for some very interesting companies about whom i can release no more information. we had drinks and a nice cajun dinner over fat tuesday evening. i even saw my old college friend a, who now sells cisco gear to lots of people. all in all, it was a great trip, with a lot of information to digest. i can't wait to use the stuff i learn. but before that, i can't wait to get home. i miss g terribly, i miss sierra (our cat, whom i just realized i haven't even blogged about - gotta change that), and i have a brand new Dell Dimension 8400 sitting on my living room floor, awaiting installation. so yeah, that plane better hurry. i'm stoked to get home!
Brady Gaster
Hi! I'm a christian dad who lives near Seattle, where I work with the talented folks at Microsoft to create compelling demonstrations for conferences that instruct and inspire developers who want to party in the cloud.